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Expansion link removal howto

This is my favourite expansion watch band link removal howto:

Final entry

It's been a long while since I've done a complete overhaul of the site! This is the last entry I make to this log. All old links will continue working as they were before, but the main URL should take you to a brand new site very soon. Until then, enjoy the obligatory "coming soon" message!.

Benetton by Bulova - Time of the world

Here's a neat watch I inherited today from a coworker:

Benetton by Bulova

Benetton by Bulova

It has all the warranty information and user's manual, which I scanned in and you can download here:


I want to find out more about this watch. If anyone has any information, please leave me a comment.

Facebook: Inauthentic Name - Temporary Block

A weird thing happened today. Facebook blocked my account, stating my name doesn't look real. Oh ok, Facebook, because it's only the name I was given at birth, and have been using on your site for years now. But you're right, almighty Facebook!
Unfortunately, the name you entered wasn’t approved by our system. Please wait 10 minutes and then try again. When you try again, make sure you follow our formatting guidelines. Note that if your name is not approved, your account could remain locked. In the meantime, please review our name policy.
I then found this page where I could "appeal" for my account to be unlocked. Appeal... like a criminal!

It asks me to upload a Photo ID - not happening. I created a JPG with just a text rant in it, saying this is ridiculous, please fix my account. Then I submitted the form, clicking on their disclaimer at the bottom that says "I understand I won't get help with my account if I haven't uploaded a valid ID." .. we'll see.

Update, 1 hour later: It took my name as "Miki Real Bacso" - because that sounds legit, right?

Building a Garbage Shed for Less Than $100 Using Scrap Wood

About a month ago, Miklos got sick of the tiny width of our driveway. He went hog-wild and tore down the fence between our driveway and our neighbour’s house. He used that for a project and then had a bunch of scrap wood left over.

When he told me he was going to build a garbage shed out of the scrap wood from the fence, we both envisioned Homer’s spice rack.

Greg's cable map

This is pretty awesome:

2009 Toyota Tacoma Disable Lock/Unlock Beep

Finally found a post on how to disable that annoying door lock/unlock beep on the truck:
  1. Open the driver's door, and insert the key into the ignition.
  2. Leave the door open.
  3. Remove the key from the ignition, and within 5 seconds, re-insert the key and then turn the ignition to ON.
  4. Wait at least 10 seconds, but less than 20 seconds. After waiting, press a button on the remote twice. Press the same button two times - don't press two different buttons. The system will acknowledge with a beep if you did it right.
via Toyota Nation Forum

2009 Toyota Tacoma - Owner's Manual and Quick Reference Guide

I wanted to download the owner's manual for my newly purchased 2009 Toyota Tacoma but I had to register at to get it, and it is only available for download in bits pieces. So I stitched it together for myself, because it's much easier to search it this way.

If you prefer just certain sections of it, register to and you'll see them available for free download under their Owner's Manual section.

Here is the manual (23MB) and the quick reference guide (1MB)

The Heaven Guestbook

Who will be the first one to sign it?

How to set default visibility of external Facebook Likes

Here's something I learned today, thanks to Curtis:

Many Paths, one journey, same destination

Based on an image circulating today.

The Hunger Games Showtimes Cineplex Odeon Niagara Falls

Nikki wants to see The Hunger Games today so I called up the Niagara Square Cinema for show times, and apparently we can choose from oh I don't know... 800 showings today. I'm sure we can find one that's not packed.

Meridian Credit Union - The debit card executioners

Went to the Welland Meridian drive-thru ATM today to take out money before going to the Farmers' Market, and somehow forgot to take my card back. I only realized 3 hours later that it's missing.

I don't bank with them but my bank is a part of The Exchange Network so any ATM that's also a part of the network--such as Meridian Credit Union--will not charge me banking fees if I withdraw from their machines.

After I noticed that the card was missing, I called them up about it and the girl on the phone said that she cannot return the card to me as it is their policy that since it's not one of their cards, they must destroy it right away. (Btw, if someone has a link to this policy, I'd like to read about it...)

I asked her to at least confirm that she did see my card, to which she replied she did, and it has been destroyed.

What?? I now had no choice but to call up my bank and request a new card, which will be couriered to me within the next week or so. I don't carry cash on me so this is a little bit of an inconvenience.

Let this be a lesson to all who do drive-thru ATM banking:

Games for the weekend

Some new games to kill time this weekend: Colour Blaster, Drift Runners 2, English Pub Pool, Gibbets 2, Goodgame Cafe, Rise of Atlantis and The Jewel Chest.

Enjoy! I know I will!

jQuery disable Enter Key on text inputs

A simple jQuery script to disable the enter key on text inputs which helps avoid accidental form submissions.
$("input:text").keypress'(' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('function', '2', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('function') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('function', '2', 'END') (evt) {
 ' ' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('var', '2', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('var') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('var', '2', 'END') charCode = evt.charCode || evt.keyCode;
 ' ' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('if', '1', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('if') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('if', '1', 'END') (charCode  == 13)' ' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('return', '1', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('return') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('return', '1', 'END')' ' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('false', '2', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('false') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('false', '2', 'END');

Dreamhost Hacked?

Today I noticed that every PHP file in every Dreamhost site I administer has this garbled php script prepended to it:

Which, if you decode it, looks like this:

As it turns out, it's not just me...

Update: Here's a possible fix by Dan Hill.

Update 7-Mar-12: The ruby script in Dan Hill's post isn't very effective, but you should still use his examples of closing down world-writable directories: (run this from your home directory)
' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('find', '2', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('find') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('find', '2', 'END') . '-' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('type', '3', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('type') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('type', '3', 'END') d -perm -o=w -print '-' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('exec', '3', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('exec') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('exec', '3', 'END')' ' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('chmod', '2', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('chmod') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('chmod', '2', 'END') 770 {} \;

In one of his comments, however, there's a very simple and effective line of code that'll go through all php files recursively and remove the infected code: (run this from your home directory)
' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('for', '1', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('for') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('for', '1', 'END') f in `find . -name "*.php"`;' ' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('do', '1', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('do') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('do', '1', 'END') perl -p -i.bak -e 's/<\?php \/\*\*\/ eval\(base64_decode\(\"[^\"]+"\)\);\?>//' $f; done

This will create .php.bak of every infected file. If you want to get rid of those, try this:
' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('find', '2', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('find') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('find', '2', 'END') . -iname "*.php.bak" -print '-' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('exec', '3', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('exec') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('exec', '3', 'END')' ' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('rm', '2', 'BEGIN') . '' . $this->change_case('rm') . '' . $this->add_url_to_keyword('rm', '2', 'END') -rf {} \;

Casio GW7900B-1


Last week I ordered a Casio GW7900B-1 off eBay. I got it a few days later (here is my photo of it), I've been wearing it all week and I gotta say, it's a pretty comfortable watch. It has a lot of features, as you will read on the Casio site linked above. What I like best about it is the atomic timekeeping, because I'm a nut about my watches being accurate. I also like the rugged look and feel, as I've been known to bang my watches around a bit and this one seems like it will take a beating. Anyway, you can find a bunch of reviews about it Google so I'll just say I like it a lot.

P.S.: Some people say it's hard to read in low light, I don't find that to be true. They also say the alarm isn't loud enough... It's plenty loud!

Bugs, beware!

Final e-test?

The Mazda hit the 400,000km mark not too long ago, and we were pretty excited for that milestone. Then this past week we had to take it to do an emissions inspection which it failed on two separate occasions. We thought it was the end of the road for the poor car for a brief moment. Then my dad replaced the catalytic converter last night, like he did two years ago and the car passed the inspection today with flying colours. Thank you dad! It just might make it to 500,000km now, which I didn't think was a realistic milestone a few years ago. And who knows, maybe in 2 years if the car is still running and the body hasn't rusted over completely yet, we can change the catalytic converter make it pass another e-test, and give it 2 more years of life! I won't hold my breath though.

Socially Awkceptable

Made up a new phrase today: Socially Awkceptable - Socially awkward, yet still accepted, because so is everyone/everything else. Thanks social media!

Relative time in Coldfusion

Here's a quick Coldfusion function to turn a date stamp into a relative time stamp (like Facebook has their dates showing as "2 seconds ago", for example). I use this at work, but I use its PHP equivalent on my log here.

<cfoutput>#RelativeTime('2012-01-04 16:09')#</cfoutput>

Accessing tumblr custom URL sites with Cogeco

So for the past few weeks I haven't been able to get to either Casey's blog or Alex's blog from home. Turns out Alex can't get to his own site from work either.. What's in common? Our internet provider is Cogeco. There are other people experiencing the same issue.

What I figure is that someone put up a spam tumblr blog somewhere with a custom URL, and Cogeco banned tumblr's custom IP I emailed them about it almost a week ago and even though they didn't respond, based on that forum post it looks like they've been looking into the issue.

I suppose I will just wait patiently until they figure it out.

Update 14-Jan-12: It seems that they fixed it, at long last!

BestBuy Waiting Room

Any store that makes me wait in line on their online shop does not get my business.
BestBuy Waiting Room

Casey and snow

Track a package

I know you can go to each of these sites individually, but I like less clicks...


It took over 3 years--which is unusual because I used to put an average of 55,000km per year on the car--but the Mazda made it to 400,000km tonight.

Timex T2M933

We got me one of these watches from Walmart last night. It's pretty nice looking! Nikki remarked "It's so small compared to your Luminox!" - which it is, but I don't mind this for everyday wear at the office. I set it against the atomic clock last night, and this morning it's still keeping exact time. That's more than I could say about the older Timex watches in my collection.

Update 15-Nov-11: The watch was returned after I found out about Timex Originals! Wow...
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